The RAM Mobile Clinic Buena Vista VA  2016.


The issue of medical care in the USA is an extremely divisive topic but at it’s core is the harsh reality that large amounts of people do not get the medical care that they require, young and old. This seems to be evident in the more remote areas of the USA. RAM has been offering free medical care at mobile clinics throughout the USA, since 1985. Most of the clinics offer general medical, dental, vision, preventative care and education. The mobile clinics are staffed by medical and non medical volunteers who together offer people in need the help that they require in a compassionate and respectful manner.

The organization that goes into setting up one of these clinics is quite staggering. The clinics are often for three-four days and RAM arrives at an empty location and within a day has set up dental rooms lined with dentist chairs, all the equipment sterilized and labeled. Also a  vision area with hundreds of glasses that have been donated from in and around the area. There are many tables set up to check blood pressure, diabetes and rooms for general medical check ups and at some of the larger clinics they can offer mammograms. There is a very thorough registration area set up with a line of computers and volunteers to check everyone in and to make sure their medical history is noted and they can be directed to the right areas.  The only information required is name, date of birth and current medications. Patients are never asked for identification, proof of employment or insurance. All of these services are provided free of charge by drs, medical students and the general community wishing to donate their time and help in any way they can. Everyone gathers together for a common cause and I think that is why it is so impressive. People giving back to the community and helping those in need. The opportunity to give back is humbling and educational.

Remote Area Medical is always wanting more volunteers. You can register at the website listed below.

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